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Publish a live screen capture

There are several web-based conferencing solutions in the market, but if you would like to quickly screencast something on your own, this post may be helpful. Due to the tools we use, a Windows 32-bit PC is required.

You’ll need the following

Here are the steps you have to go through

  1. Install all of the above.

  2. Launch the Configure VHScrCap utility to configure how you would like screen capture to happen. The driver can capture the entire screen or a window, you can change the output size, maintain aspect ratio, and so on.

  3. Launch the Adobe Flash Media Live encoder, and choose VHScrCap as you video device. You can choose an audio device if you want to stream audio along with the video. Choose the video settings as required. To transmit the video stream check Stream to Flash Media Server, set the FMS URL as rtmp://localhost/live, stream name to livestream, and click Connect. Clicking Start will stream the video to the Flash media server installation on your PC.

  4. Launch Moyea Web Player on another machine, and add an RTMP stream with the URL rtmp://localhost/live/livestream, to watch the live stream. You can also create a customized media player and provide it to those who will watch your live stream.

I would like to test-drive IIS Live Smooth Streaming support for doing the same thing. The only problem is that Microsoft Expression Encoder with live smooth streaming support using H.264 is a paid product. If ever I get a copy of it, I’ll try setting up live screen capture using it, and report the experience. Stay tuned!