A Mutable Log

Immersive content for the Browser

Second life is probably the best example of a 3D simulated universe, a highly immersive experience.

I’ve seen experiments in rendering 3D using Javascript. The HTML 5 Canvas element is at the center of that revolution. Check CanvasMOL as one example of what is possible. Chrome and other webkit-based browsers have been working on GPU-based acceleration of the HTML 5 Canvas and the associated WebGL 3D graphics API. Check this cool demo of WebGL in action. Browser-based games that use these features are beginning to appear. Imagine racing cars such as rendered by HelloRacer.

Adobe Flash is used by pretty much everyone in the 2D gaming community. Check out Club Penguin and Habbo as examples of this approach. Unity 3D is also available for doing Browser-based games in Java for the web, and also for a raft of different devices.

All in all, developers love it when they can target different devices and form-factors from the same code base, without worrying about obsolescence. HTML 5 may really shine there.