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Hanuman for my western friends

It would be a rare Indian child who doesn’t grow up loving the mythological creature, God figure among the natives, called Hanuman. He is one of the center pieces in the epic tale of Ramayana and has several temples throughout India devoted to him.

This is how I imagine Hanuman for my western friends

  1. He is called Heavy in English, Pesado in Portuguese, Forzudo in Spanish et al.

  2. He is an evolved ape, talks, can walk upright, and has a tail - remember Planet of the Apes.

  3. He can fly - his father is the God of Wind after all.

  4. He has superhuman strength - he is known to be able to carry mountains.

  5. He can grow in height to any size, become imposing, and heavy.

  6. His tail can grow, pile up and create a fortress if needed.

Here’s an image that depicts Hanuman, for the kids to color