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Stream WebM file to Chrome using Node.js

Node.js can be used to stream arbitrary data to a browser such as Chrome over HTTP. In this post we’ll use latest version of express middleware to stream a WebM file to the browser.

Install express

Execute the following npm command to install express

sudo npm install express@latest

npm will installs express to a folder called node_modules under the current folder. If you run Node.js in the same folder, it should be able to find express.

The code

Create a a file webm.js with the following code

The commented headers in the response may be used for additional control. Transfer-Encoding header may also be set to identity, its default value, as long as the Connection response header is set to close. If Connection header is keep-alive, Transfer-Encoding has to be chunked. This requirement may be specific to Chrome. Chunking is taken care of by Node.js.

Running the code

To stream a WebM file at /home/user/file.webm

node webm.js 9001 /home/user/file.webm

Point Chrome to http://host:9001/ to play the video.

Doing it the easy way

express has a method in the response object to send a file, that replaces all the code in the app.get() callback above