A Mutable Log

Ubuntu package management from the command line

These are the commands that I mostly use to manage packages from the CLI. See man command for more detailed help.


apt-cache search text to search for packages containing the specified text. Listed packages can be installed using apt-get. To see details about a package use apt-cache showpkg packages.


apt-add-repository url to add a new repository source

apt-add-repository -r url to remove


sudo apt-get install package_name to install or upgrade a package

sudo apt-get update to update package cache from active respository sources, usually after a apt-add-repository


dpkg -l to list all packages installed and their versions. pipe to grep to filter.

sudo dpkg -i deb_package to install from a package archive

dpkg -S file to discover which package a file belongs to sudo dpkg -r --force-depends to forcefully remove a broken package e.g. sudo dpkg -r --force-depends libssl1.0.0