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App Store

In this post, I’ll record my experiences with the iTunes App Store, particularly relating to multiple accounts in different countries.


You can purchase and download Apps using several accounts, across different countries, and they coexist on the device with no apparent issues. I have an account in the US App Store, that I created when there was no App Store in Brazil. I pay for Apps using Gift Certificates or Codes, that I purchase when I travel to the US.

I also have another account linked to the App Store in Brazil, where I pay using a credit card. Unfortunately, all purchases are charged in US Dollars \(^1\). I am thus subjected to exchange rate variations, and an additional tax imposed by the Brazilian government called IOF, which is currently at 6.38%. The Google Play store is no different in this respect.


Apps can be gifted. The App Store sends a redeem code by e-mail to the person receiving the gift. Unfortunately gifting only works within the same country. Thus, I cannot gift an App to a person who has an account with a different country, even though the App may be available for purchase there. Which is sad, since I have friends and kin in other countries.

\(^1\) Since 2018 Apple now displays prices and charges in BRL