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Apple needs a larger phone

Or a smaller iPad? iPad Micro?

People are enamored with large-screen phones. Why carry a tablet and a phone when you can carry just one device that can be both? The problem is, the screen resolution on current devices is not enough, especially for print replica magazines and books.

If I were Apple, I would make a larger phone with the same pixel resolution as the retina iPad (4\(^{th}\) Gen). If it had a PPI of 600, it would have a 4.3 inch screen. Text on it would look beautiful even without anti-aliasing. I heard print magazines use 1200 dpi for text, so it would be as good as print with some anti-aliasing still in use.

Developers would be able to scale their apps quickly, with only minor tweaks to touch widgets so they are not inconveniently small. The 4x3 aspect ratio could be a boon for readers I suppose. I wish I could hold and see such a device instead of having to imagine it…

While on the subject of screen resolution, I am so hoping Apple will come out with a retina display iPad Mini. It is a question of when, not if, I suppose.