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Apps that cache

I am fed up with having to track which apps cache data without my consent. Here’s a list of iOS apps that cache relentlessly and don’t give me an option to clear the cache. It is easy to know which apps are caching by looking at their storage space usage in settings.

Amazon Cloud Player

As it streams and plays music online this app caches music offline. I have deleted it several times in frustration. Luckily, it is not an app I frequently use.


Dropbox will silently cache files you access, whether you favorite them or not. According to its official documentation, it caches content offline when you favorite it. In practice that is not what it does. A workaround to clear the cache is to log out from your account and log in again. I use Dropbox a lot for storing my e-books, a pity I cannot just delete the app and be done with it.


This app probably shouldn’t be on this list, but beware if you have some older version of it. A while back I even adopted Pulse out of frustration. I am back to being a frequent user since they resolved the problem.

Storage space being a premium on mobile devices, caching should be very carefully designed. Otherwise, you may rob someone from taking that spur of the moment photo or something else equally useful.