A Mutable Log

Problem of Windows 8 is its positioning

I have said this before, I love Windows 8, but I spend most of my day on the desktop. I just don’t have enough reason to adopt Windows 8 apps, yet. I have been using certain apps, just not that often.

For users that live on the desktop, switching back and forth between the Start screen and the desktop is cumbersome. All that will change with Windows 8.1, hopefully. Users who don’t have a hybrid laptop or PC will then return to using the desktop as they have always done. Users with hybrid laptops will use Windows 8 apps more often while they lay back and enjoy a book, game, movie, or do something else more productive.

Windows 8 tried to force a touch and gesture interface on existing laptops and PCs that just don’t benefit from it. It should be easy to switch to that interface on touch enabled hybrid laptops and devices though. Maybe the device can detect when it is in tablet mode and switch to the Start screen. Just a thought…