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Cross-platform mobile app development frameworks

Development of native applications for all the different mobile devices out there is becoming increasingly costly—especially for small teams. Reusing widespread knowledge of web app development to develop mobile apps is an attractive proposition.

A brief survey of cross-platform mobile app development frameworks follows. Which of these to choose for your next project is quite a tough choice. I have been in hybrid app development situations and the truth is you always run into limitations. You will have to troubleshoot corner cases, performance issues, and go native when nothing else works. Do choose an approach that gives you that flexibility.

Cordova by Apache

RhoMobile by Zebra

Sencha Touch [defunct]

Titanium by Appcelerator

Worklight by IBM [defunct]

Xamarin by Microsoft

There are many other lesser-used cross-platform frameworks such as Calatrava from the folks at ThoughtWorks, Corona SDK Lua-based framework for 2D games, and Icenium [defunct].