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Silhouette Cameo


I recently bought my wife the Silhouette Cameo, a paper cutting tool very useful in her line of work. We have been enjoying learning how to use it, but have had our share of issues. The cutting mat is more sticky than it should be, registration mark recognition is whacky on occasions, getting print and cut right with vector graphics tools such as Corel Draw is not so easy, and so on. After getting the hang of things, Cameo is an enjoyable machine.

Getting A3 Print and Cut right

The toughest problem we faced was getting A3 Print and Cut properly aligned. We were getting cuts that were not aligned to the print region, but misalignment was not uniform along the entire page. We suspected registration mark detection to be the cause.

We finally got it right by following some simple tips posted by other users

Paper Circuits

Hope to keep posting on newer adventures with the cutting tool. One thing I want to try is to draw electronic circuits on paper and fabric using Cameo.