A Mutable Log

Industrial Engineering

I have come to the striking realization that I need to understand other industries, and become acquainted with different aspects of industrial engineering.

What are the different industries? The following infographic from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sums it up nicely. It is by no means comprehensive.


What are the different aspects of industrial engineering? The following infographic, again from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, sums it up nicely.


Here’s a list of aspects, in no particular order or hierarchy, that any industry needs to ponder upon - environmental, tools and fixtures, safety and security, reliability, human factors and ergonomics, standards and certifications, quality, maintenance and support, waste and disposal, business and management, finance, supply chain, inventory, ordering, training, simulation, system dynamics, automation, robotics, planning, facilities and work-spaces, human resources, communications, health, laws and regulations, marketing and sales, travel, culture, intellectual property…

Doesn’t that look like a list of aspects that every reasonably-sized business needs to ponder?