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Node.js on Raspberry Pi with Buildroot

I successfully built an embedded Linux system for Raspberry Pi using Buildroot recently, and decided it was time to add some useful packages to it. The first that came to mind is Node.js. Having that on the Linux system will allow me to serve an HTML5 UI to any computer with a browser, on the same network.


make menuconfig 

in buildroot folder to obtain the configuration UI. Node.js requires IPv6 support so I enabled that in the Toolchain menu thus


Then I enabled Node.js and npm from the Target packages menu thus



I followed that up by issuing a full build thus

make clean

Buildroot stores all downloads in the dl folder, so it will only download whatever isn’t already there. It will build the host cross-compilation toolchain from scratch though, since that is available under output, and make clean removes everything there.

I’ve now got Node.js 0.10.12 working successfully on the Linux system.