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Embedded Linux system for BeagleBoard-xM with Yocto Project

I’ve mostly abandoned a BeagleBoard-xM that I have, and am using Raspberry Pi for most of my embedded Linux hacks. I have built a Linux system for BeagleBoard-xM using Yocto Project though, so thought I’d put the instructions out there.

I’m performing the following build on an Ubuntu 14.04 Parallels Desktop 9 Virtual Machine. The steps below were mostly discovered from the Yocto Project Quick Start. Look there if you need further help.

The following dependencies are required on the build machine, before you can proceed

sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib build-essential chrpath libsdl1.2-dev xterm

Next, clone the the dora branch from the git repo of Yocto Project, and prepare the build environment

git clone -b dora http://git.yoctoproject.org/git/poky
source poky/oe-init-build-env build

You’ll be in the the build folder when that is done.

Add the following to conf/local.conf

MACHINE ?= "beagleboard"

Go ahead and perform the build

bitbake core-image-minimal

After the build is done, grab and deploy the images from tmp/deploy/images/beagleboard.