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OAUTH 2 with google-oauth-java-client

This post is a quick reference for running the dailymotion-cmdline-sample, a Java console sample app for the google-oauth-java-client OAUTH 2 library.

The sample app performs authorization code grant specified in the OAUTH 2 RFC, and receives user’s authorization code via an embedded Jetty HTTP server. That code is then exchanged for an access token.

Clone the google-oauth-java-client repo at GitHub

git clone git@github.com:google/google-oauth-java-client.git

Install Apache Maven if you don’t already have it. You’ll need Oracle’s JDK to use Maven and compile the sample app. On macOS, Maven can be installed using Homebrew

brew install maven

Head into the cloned repo and compile

cd google-oauth-java-client
mvn compile

Head into the sample app folder and execute the sample app

cd samples/dailymotion-cmdline-sample
mvn -X exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.google.api.services.samples.dailymotion.cmdline.DailyMotionSample"

The first execution will fail. You’ll need to create a dailymotion.com developer account, which can be created at http://www.dailymotion.com/profile/developer. Create a new API key. The only value that really matters is the Callback URL which should be

Enter your API credentials in file OAuth2ClientCredentials.java. Compile and exec again. The application should list your favorite videos if all goes well.