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Useful Docker commands

Interactively run command in a new container based on a Docker image

docker run -it -v `pwd`:/workdir -w /workdir 90e5ddae9277 /bin/bash

You can specify an image id, name, or name:tag. Image is downloaded from a configured registry, if needed. The current directory on the host is mapped to /workdir in the container. /bin/bash is started in that directory.

List running containers

docker ps

List all containers, and their sizes

docker ps -a -s

Start a stopped container, with terminal access

docker start -a -i 2edf9d536e3c

Execute a command in a running container—command in example below lists all network interfaces on Linux containers

docker exec -it container ip addr show

Remove a container

docker rm 2edf9d536e3c

Build an image using Dockerfile in the current folder

docker build .

Save Docker image

docker save -o myimage.tar 90e5ddae9277

Load Docker image from an input archive

docker load -i myimage.tar

List Docker images

docker image ls

Remove a Docker image

docker image rm 90e5ddae9277

See image history in human readable format—useful for identifying all the layers in an image

docker history -H 90e5ddae9277