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Whither Skype

There was a time I would buy hardware depending on whether it ran Skype, or not. These days, I only use Skype for international landline calls, once a week or so.

What killed Skype?

WhatsApp Stats

The most important real-time communications app for me these days is WhatsApp. Given a broadband connection, it is all two parties need to have their real-time communications needs met. Everyone I know is on WhatsApp. The only thing it needs is international calling to actual phones and I’d let Skype go - after expending all the pre-paid credit. Facebook, there’s a revenue stream there for you.

Skype is still chugging along due to the number of PC users that adopted it in the hey days, and those that migrated away from MSN Messenger. At work, Google Hangouts and Slack have all but taken over from Skype.