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Using Python to analyze data in a PDF file

The state university my daughter wants to study at just announced their entrance exam results via a PDF file. I wanted to get additional insights from the data, and decided it was time to use Python—I’ve got Jupyter Notebook installed on macOS—to do the data extraction and analysis.

I needed to install a few additional packages for python 3

pip3 install pdftotext pandas matplotlib

First, I created an empty DataFrame with the three columns I needed

import pandas as pd
columns = ['id','name', 'result']
df = pd.DataFrame(columns=columns)

Next, I read text data from the PDF

import pdftotext
with open('SSA1_2018_Publicacao_v4.pdf', 'rb') as f:
    pdf = pdftotext.PDF(f)

Next, I parsed the text data into the DataFrame

k = 0
for i in range(len(pdf)):
    lines = pdf[i].split('\n')
    for j in range(3, len(lines) - 3, 1):
        words = lines[j].split()
        idn = words[0]
        name = ' '.join(words[1:-1])
        if not name:
        result = float(words[-1].replace(",", "."))
        if result == 0.0:
        df.loc[k] = [idn, name, result]
        k = k + 1

Next, I sorted the DataFrame by the result column to find the top scorers

df=df.sort_values(by=['result', 'name'])

Next, I grouped students by their score to find how many had the same score as my daughter’s

df_grouped = df.groupby(by='result')['result'].count()

Finally, I plotted the grouped data

%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Plot of number of students by result