A Mutable Log

Active Directory domain server using Samba 4

I was in need of an Active Directory domain server, to test an application that authenticates users using LDAP and checks that they belong to a particular group.

I discovered that Samba 4 provides Active Directory capability out of the box, and found a few Docker images for Samba 4. I chose the simplest of these, and found that it works to my satisfaction on Windows 10.

Open a new Command Prompt or PowerShell console, and execute the following command to run samba—in interactive mode—in a docker container based on the laslabs/alpine-samba-dc image

docker run --rm -i -t --privileged -p 389:389 -e SAMBA_DC_REALM="corp.example.net" -e SAMBA_DC_DOMAIN="EXAMPLE" -e SAMBA_DC_ADMIN_PASSWD="5u3r53cur3!" -e SAMBA_DC_DNS_BACKEND="SAMBA_INTERNAL" "laslabs/alpine-samba-dc" samba

Running samba interactively, allows you to see any errors on the console.

In the application, I authenticated using login Administrator, password 5u3r53cur3!, and checked that the user belongs to group Administrators.