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Jupyter Notebook with Docker and JupyterHub

JupyterHub enables you to quickly setup Jupyter Notebook for multiple users. In this post, I use Docker to setup Notebook for multiple users. You’ll need to install Docker for your platform to follow along.

To download and create a new JupyterHub container with Docker

docker run -p 8000:8000 --name jupyterhub jupyterhub/jupyterhub jupyterhub

If you want to restart the container later

docker start -ai jupyterhub

You should now be able to access JupyterHub via http://localhost:8000. localhost may be changed to an IP address, if you need to access the page from a different machine. You’ll need a user to be able to login.

Create a command shell into the running container

docker exec -it jupyterhub bash

To setup a user

adduser username

Change username to a user’s login. You will be prompted for a password and other information. Complete all the steps. You should now be able to login using the username and password you setup.

The container image does not come with Jupyter Notebook, so we need to install it

conda install notebook

You should now be able to create and use Notebooks.

To install any additional Python packages required by your Notebooks

pip install pandas matplotlib