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Web chat using Strophe and Apache Vysper

I was told about Apache Vysper by a colleague at work and thought I’d give it a try. It is very much in development, lacks documentation, and clustering support for those looking to scale.

I’ll replace Openfire in the web chat setup I did in Web chat using Strophe and Openfire. You’ll need a more feature-rich client than trophyim to be able to add users to the roster and such. I used Jitsi.

Setup Vysper

Grab a copy of Vysper version 0.7. Extract it to any folder. You’ll need a JVM to run the server. Let us configure a few things by editing file spring-config.xml located in the config folder.

Locate the following lines and change the domain name - your machine name should do fine or localhost

<!-- TODO change domain name to your domain -->
<constructor-arg value="localhost"/>

Locate the following lines and change the admin user domain and password. Add more users if you wish.

<bean id="addUsers" class="org.apache.vysper.spring.AddUserHelper">
    <constructor-arg index="0">
            <entry key="admin@localhost" value="passw0rd" />
            <entry key="friend@localhost" value="passw0rd" />

Uncomment the following line - thus enabling BOSH

<ref bean="boshEndpoint"/>

Uncomment the BOSH endpoint configuration

<bean id="boshEndpoint" class="org.apache.vysper.xmpp.extension.xep0124.BoshEndpoint">
    <property name="accessControlAllowOrigin">
    <property name="port" value="8080" />
    <property name="contextPath" value="/bosh" />

Start Vysper

Head to the command line and execute run.bat or run.sh from the bin folder. If all goes well, you should be able to access http://localhost:8080/bosh/ from the browser.

Execute trophyim

You’ll need to change the variable TROPHYIM_BOSH_SERVICE in trophyim.js file. Assign it the value http://localhost:8080/bosh/. Launch trophyim by opening index.html in the browser using the file:// url scheme. You can use a client like Jitsi to setup contacts, and try chatting with them using trophyim.

We do not require an HTTP server and proxy. I suspect Vysper supports CORS out of the box. That is good news indeed.