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WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013 has been mostly about software, although I am salivating at the idea of owning the new MacBook Air and Mac Pro, with the fourth generation processors from Intel. Here’s what I found interesting in the Keynote.

iOS 7

What a refreshing change iOS 7 will be. Suddenly things are at your fingertips, easy to turn on/off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, notification center in the lock screen… I could go on and on. I like the fact that all apps can now be in the background. Game controller support takes iOS devices into the game console realm.

It must have been incredibly hard to redesign and engineer iOS 7 in such a compressed schedule. I have defended Skeuomorphism in the past as a way for Apple to sell a lifestyle. I am now wondering whether the physical stores will change to reflect the iOS 7 experience.

iWork in iCloud

The demo of iWork in iCloud, working across different browsers, was phenomenal. Apple has finally shown that it can deliver incredible apps in the browser. What a surprise that must have been for Google and Microsoft. Will Maps be next?


Safari in OS X Mavericks and iOS now syncs your passwords and other sensitive information to iCloud. That is the only reason I use Chrome on iOS. The splendid news is that performance of the Nitro JavaScript engine of Safari is superior, the memory footprint lower.

iTunes Radio

I haven’t purchased much digital music, nor do I like to spend time organizing what music I do have. I like radios because you get to discover new music, old or contemporary. So what if I have to listen to or view ads. I think iTunes Radio will fill a useful void, as and when it arrives in Brazil.

What next?

I am impressed with OS X Mavericks, but don’t own a Mac. I’d rather not get too eager lest I feel obliged to part with some hard earned money. Making something that changes the game is what I have come to expect from Apple. I am still waiting…