A Mutable Log


I’ve been using Wireshark for debugging networking issues for quite some time, and done dissector development in Lua.

Analyze Bluetooth protocols on Windows using Wireshark

Regression test a Wireshark dissector using tshark

Capture loopback communication on Windows

Highlighting problems in Lua dissectors

SSL/TLS decryption in Wireshark

Wireshark dissector in Lua for custom protocol over WebSockets

Analyzing iBeacon traffic using nRF BLE Sniffer

Handling variable number of arguments in Lua

Lua dofile and globals

Wireshark migrating to Qt

File virtualization in Windows

Dealing with segmented data in a Wireshark dissector written in Lua

Table manipulation in Lua

Logging to Wireshark’s Lua console

Wireshark and Lua bitwise operations

Obtain dissection data using Field and FieldInfo

Sniff USB bus on Linux

Custom dissector for ethertype link layer and IP protocol

Add bitfield to dissection tree

Create a Wireshark dissector in Lua

First impressions with Lua