A Mutable Log

Atmel AVR

USB Serial firmware for ATmega32U4

Arduino USB Serial firmware from scratch

Arduino USB DFU firmware from scratch

USB Descriptors of Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno bootloader programming using JTAGICE mkII

Memory alignment problems in AVR32

Migrating to a new version of AVR-GCC toolchain

Upgrading to a newer version of Atmel Software Framework

FreeRTOS task control block and stack in AVR32

Measuring data rate of ASF USB Device CDC example

Visual Micro is an alternative IDE for Arduino

RunOutputFileVerifyTask compile task in Atmel Studio 6.1

Migrating an AVR32 Studio project to Atmel Studio 6

What happens before main in AVR32 UC3

Random numbers and Math on AVR32

Execute code from SRAM on AVR32

Path to toolchain binaries in AVR32 Studio